Midnight Palm Yoga Mat
Midnight Palm Yoga Mat
Midnight Palm Yoga Mat
Midnight Palm Yoga Mat
Midnight Palm Yoga Mat
Midnight Palm Yoga Mat
Midnight Palm Yoga Mat
Midnight Palm Yoga Mat

    Midnight Palm Yoga Mat


    Familia, take your LEAN workout anywhere with the LEAN Mat. 100% vegan, made from PU and foam, and designed to take your workouts to the next level, here’s how: 


    • The thick material has been designed to support your joints and back as well as making the mat even more durable and long-lasting.

    • It’s non-slip to ensure your mat, and you, don’t slip during your sweat sesh.

    • Designed with markers specifically for LEAN With Lilly workouts so you can track and measure your progress and form!

    • It’s longer and wider than the average mat to support a wider range of exercises.

    • Never gets in the way of your workout with rounded edges to prevent the corners from flipping.


    Dimensions: 68cm x 200cm


    100% Vegan, made from PU and foam.


    Dimensions: 68cm x 200cm


    Ideal for all LEAN workouts, including cardio & HIIT focused movements like Skiers, Broad Jumps, High Knees, Burpees.


    ❝My lean Matt came today and oh my god it’s amazing. The material is so nice and it feels cushioney. The design tho… it’s more stunning in person than in photos if that’s possible.❞


    1. How bloomin' quick was delivery?!
    2. Without a shadow of a doubt, best mat ever. It's more beautiful in person and that quality... it's so thick and supportive, yet really soft. The palm trees in that sunlight? Unreal.
    3. So sad I've already done today's workout so I can't use it til tomorrow! Thank you again to the LEAN team & Lilly for all your hard work on these. 100% worth it!"❞

    ❝If anyone is in any doubt whether to buy these mats, buy them! I love all the Lean products but these are by far my favourite to date and the best money I’ve spent! I was worried about how supportive they’d be. I have bad knees and my old mat was quite thick but these are perfect and so much better quality. They are relatively thick but more importantly the material they’re made out of is super supportive. Great for those bad knees! ❞

    ❝I am so excited I got my mat yesterday and finally tried it out today. It’s fantastic! Comfy and doesn’t move!!❞


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